Why Choose Clear Choice Austin for your resume writing?

Many job-seekers compose their own resumes and cover letters and find employment, so why should you hire someone to write the documents for you?  The answer is simple – You should spend your time answering phone calls and emails requesting interviews, and choosing between multiple job offers!

Don’t sit squinting at a computer screen trying to get  Microsoft Word to format your current job responsibilities into neatly formatted bullet points, or spend hours searching for industry keywords to draw your resume out from the pile of fellow job-hunters.  Your time is valuable, so let us team up with you to cover the busy-work while you focus your energy on networking, interviewing, and accepting that dream job!

The Cost of Your Career

Today’s economy and highly competitive job market has many people asking, “Can I afford to hire a service just to write my resume?  Is it worth it?”

Absolutely!  Of course the DIY version of anything will be cheaper, but the old adage of spending money to make money truly does apply in this case.  Your resume isn’t just any old piece of paper, and proper organization, keyword placement, and design could mean the difference in thousands of dollars of yearly salary.  For the price of about one day’s work, our team can arm you with a resume portfolio that could land you the career of a lifetime – so the question should be, “What Are You Worth?”

Stand Out in the Crowd as the “Clear Choice”

You have one piece of paper (or virtual text) to prove yourself “the one” for the job, to stop an employer in his reading tracks and have him staring wide-eyed in awe at your personal details and accomplishments.  So why do so many job-seekers take so little time to organize and perfect their resumes?  Your resume is the written reflection of you, your personal “product branding”; your personality, work ethic, and life goals are represented by the words and style displayed.  Don’t let yourself get lost among the many employment-hungry applicants competing for the position meant for you, make yourself the CLEAR CHOICE!