Do you need a resume to apply with for a job with Chick-fil-A?

Submitting a resume along with the Chick-fil-A application form may give an applicant an advantage in the hiring process. Though not required for most entry-level jobs at the fast food chain, including a resume during the application process with Chick-fil-A shows organization and drive. Whether applying for an entry-level restaurant position or professional job in Chick-fil-A corporate offices, a resume serves extremely important. When creating a resume to submit to Chick-fil-A, an applicant should highlight customer service skills. Applicants may show customer service skills by detailing past jobs with bullet points listing customer service accomplishments. Applicants lacking work experience relevant to a Chick-fil-A job may use the resume to demonstrate other job skills, list references, and emphasize passion for customer service.

After completing the Chick-fil-A resume, an applicant should fill out a job application. As the essential part of the employment process, the Chick-fil-A application must include correct and up-to-date information. Applicants should ensure information presented on the resume matches information provided in the application. If possible, applicants should show how their education, skill sets, and experiences fit the desired position. Job hopefuls should submit the resume and application at the same time, and then await word from Chick-fil-A about hiring status. The restaurant chain strives to respond to all job seekers in a prompt manner.

Chick-fil-A Facts:

  • Minimum Age to Work: 16 years old
  • Positions Available: Team Member, Shift Leader, Manager
  • Chick-fil-A Website:

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