Do you need a resume to apply with Costco?

Though somewhat unusual, applicants with Costco may want to consider submitting a resume. The content of a Costco resume should remain specific to the company and the desired position with the wholesale retailer. The resume should be well organized and formatted correctly. Most importantly, make sure a resume for a Costco job applies relevantly to the company. Provide several examples you think make you qualified for a job opportunity with Costco. Many job seekers putting together a resume place experience and achievements in chronological order. For job seekers without an abundance of work experience, use the resume to demonstrate a desire and willingness to perform exceptional job duties with Costco.

To receive hiring consideration from Costco, job seekers need to complete and submit a job application. Job seekers can access the application form online or in person at a store location. The Costco job application asks for personal information, job history, position desired, and professional and personal references. Some of the information requested on the application form may carry over from the resume tailored to work at Costco. Check and verify that all information on the Costco resume and job application remains current and up-to-date. Submit all hiring materials to receive official employment consideration from Costco.

Costco Facts:

  • Minimum Age to Work: 18 years old
  • Positions Available: Cashier, Sales Associate, Manager
  • Costco Website:

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