Do you need a resume to apply with Wendy’s?

With ever-expanding competition, many job seekers looking for employment with Wendy’s may want to consider creating a resume specific to the company and desired position. Job hopefuls with an organized, well-written, and detailed resume often receive the most interview consideration from Wendy’s. Under work history or experience, use several examples highlighting relevant job skills. Listing any professional work achievements or other awards may also highlight favorable qualities Wendy’s employers look for. Applicants without a great deal of work experience in the fast food industry should use the resume to demonstrate a desire to work for Wendy’s.

Like many restaurants in the fast food industry, Wendy’s often requires potential associates to complete and submit an application form for employment consideration. The Wendy’s job application uses a very familiar format for job seekers. Applicants must fill out contact information, employment history, and personal and professional references. Avoid embellishing on the details when filling out the application form with Wendy’s. Keep all information up to date and listed in chronological order. Make sure to proofread both the Wendy’s resume and job application multiple times. Submit all of the hiring materials together and wait to hear from a Wendy’s hiring manager or store representative.

Wendy’s Facts:

  • Minimum Age to Work: 16 years old
  • Positions Available: Crew Member, Shift Supervisor, Manager
  • Wendy’s Website:

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